Why choose ISB


The International School Batam was established on the 13th August 1999 in Batam Island, Indonesia. The school is a nonprofit organisation and managed by interested parents. Since the school was established, it has been steadily growing in terms of number of students and facilities. We use the British National Curriculum and we aim to offer a quality education through this broad base, consistent with the school mission, that the school promotes an international perspective among our students to fully develop each student’s potential, qualities and skills to become a confident and responsible individual.

We would like to express our thanks to all parents for their continued support of our school and a special thank you to all new parents who are sending their children to the International School Batam (ISB) for the first time. Our teachers and staff have been working hard during the school holidays for the start of the 2014- 2015 School Calendar. To those parents who have children just joining our Pre-School, we look forward to working together in this major step in your young child’s life. Here at ISB we place a great emphasis on creating a warm and caring environment to allow your child’s first educational experience to be positive and fulfilling.
Children moving on to join Reception One (R1) and Reception (R2) Classes will find that they will have more studies than during Pre-School as they prepare for Primary level and of course our Primary students are expected to spend longer time studying in school and have more challenging homework according to their year group. The ISB has had Key Stage 3 – Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 as Junior High School for the last five years and we have had quite successful results for our students by the end of our school year.
Now again, with all parents’ support we continue our Senior High School–Year 10 for the Third Year for this coming 2014-2015 School Calendar. Once again on behalf of the International School Foundation and The International School Batam, we thank you very much for your continuing support and your loyalty to our school.

Year 10 students have come to end of study at ISB and they have done well in their Final Year Examination. They might continue their study to do “O” level in IDY Academy Singapore and of course we hope that they will do well in their study. We wish all parents know that starting April 2013 we are the sister school of IDY Academy Singapore. Meaning the ISB students can continue to study in Singapore easily with the help of our sister school IDY Academy.

In the Junior and Senior High School we continue to the effort to challenge our students through a curriculum which aims to enable students through success and satisfaction with their achievements.

ISB is a place where people care for each other and assist new students to feel welcome and enjoy the school and respect cultural differences of many nationalities. We wish everyone a rewarding year and really appreciate your ongoing support.

Best wishes for the schooling year ahead
Dr. Ramdani Chancellor
School Principal